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Concrete Solutions

Find the products you need for your home or business. From heavy-duty to recreational, get durable concrete solutions.
  • Tanks 300 gallon to 5,000 gallon
  • Manholes 48″ to 72″
  • Oil and grease separators
  • Well tile
  • Transformer pads
  • Retaining bumpers for transformer pads
  • Retaining wall block
  • ADS drainage products
  • Eljen in-drain drainage mats
  • Gould’s pumps

Hoyte’s also delivers sand, stone, and gravel products!

Adirondack Central New York Concrete Products

Central New York Concrete Products

Home improvement projects made easy

Add the finishing touches you need to your home or business.
  • 90 different options of steps including closed-back (1-6 rise)
  • Load-bearing pads for air conditioning units, transformers, etc.
  • Picnic tables and patio blocks
  • Light pole bases and flower pots
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New York Precast Concrete Products


Precast concrete is resistant to rain penetration, wind blown debris, and flood damage. Unlike other materials, it can withstand many of winters freeze-thaw cycles in ways other materials which can deteriorate quickly with such frequent exposure to contraction and expansion.

Concrete Steps Adirondacks

Inedible to Termites and Rodents

Organic materials make the perfect food for creatures like these. Wherever there is wood and moisture, you'll likely find termites nearby. Precast concrete is resistant to attack from infestations such as termites, rats, and mice.

Central New York Precast Concrete


Concrete buildings from hundreds and even thousands of years ago are still in operation today. Some say concrete can last up to 2,000 years, and there are many structures around the the world that are on their way to such a ripe old age. Make it last with concrete!

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Specialty Products Available

Get custom-ordered products for your residential or commercial property. With hundreds of products to choose from, find the perfect solution to your application with Hoyte's!
  • AC and Generator Pads
  • Bench Ends and Hand Rails
  • Curb Stops and Bumpers
  • Retaining Wall Bricks and Blocks
  • Lawn Steps and Chimney Caps
  • Yellow and Blue Perma-Curbs (handicapped)

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